Crafting a media strategy, running analytics, building brand awareness. Sure, these are all important components to growing your business (and I can help with them!). But here’s the bottom line—if the quality of your content is poor, you’ve lost your audience. The best way to pique someone’s interest is with a compelling, well-written story. I can do that, and more.

I have a proven track record of writing and editing for some of the world’s top publications and companies. I use my 15 plus years as a professional writer, editor and marketer to help clients attract more business. I tell the story well and on time. I’m a source of fresh ideas and have keen eye for design. I can help you better reach and inspire your audience. I specialize in business, finance and integrative medicine and wellness. My services include newsletters, blogs, articles, executive profiles, white papers, content strategy and marketing materials. 

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About Me

I am an award-winning writer with a background in journalism and content marketing and an expertise in business, finance and health and wellness.   Read More


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