“On point and on time, Debbie’s a compelling feature writer who knows what she’s doing and can pull together all the threads of an unwieldy story without hand-holding. She was a complete pro, start to finish.”

-Weezie Mackey, Associate Director of Communications, Rice Business

“I distinctly remember receiving a piece from Debbie and nearly bursting into tears (of joy). It had been a long week in the corporate world. The magazine I was working on was due to the design team soon and several unexpected projects had been added to my plate. I needed every article that I assigned to freelancers to come in on time and hit the mark. Despite a tight deadline, Debbie's article appeared in my inbox as promised and it exceeded my expectations. I learned that this is the norm when you work with Debbie. Where some struggle, she shines. She captures the heart of a story quickly and adds just the right amount of detail and color to make it resonate with our diverse audience. On top of it all, Debbie is kind, attentive, flexible and passionate about what she does. She is a JOY to work with and I am very grateful she is on our roster of writers at Keller Williams." 

-Lalaina Rabary, Publications Editor at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

“Debbie is an incredibly talented writer. She is thoughtful in her content and understands the needs of my growing company. She meets her deadlines and delivers high-quality work. I would highly recommend her copy writing services.”

-Lauren Hill, CEO of Medical Inflatables

“Since day one, Debbie has been a great partner and asset to our company. She tells our story with a deep understanding of our business, and her work connects and continues to grow our community. I trust and recommend Debbie 100%." 

-Joey Romano, President at Local Sun Energy

“Debbie's writing style is fresh, vibrant and energetic.”

-John Diffey, Former CEO of The Kendal Corporation

“I love the way this is written. This is the first piece I've seen that really nails the Journey tone—upbeat, positive, friendly. Love it! Excellent work!”

-Stephen Sokoler, Founder & CEO, Journey Meditation

“Debbie is a phenomenal writer and marketer with years of experience in the financial services space. She's worked with Dana to successfully communicate our core messages to clients and potential clients, helping to grow our business. She is a pleasure to work with—professional and responsive—always meets deadlines and has kept us on track with our communications goals. I would highly recommend her!”

-Victor Adefuye, Founder and CEO at Dana Consulting

“Debbie has a thorough grasp of financial markets and writes with clarity and style. Her freelance pieces for Barron's were excellent.”

-Phil Roosevelt, Managing Editor at Barron's

“Debbie is a strong writer with a great turn of phrase and an ability to synthesize key points and break down complex issues in a broadly accessible fashion. That skill set helped her shine as a reporter, as did her creative approach to her beat, which was covering the U.S. Treasury market. She is also diligent and a great team player.”

-Madeleine Lim, Executive Editor at Bloomberg LP

“Debbie embodies all the qualities a good journalist possesses. She is tenacious, thorough and fair in her reporting, while exercising a straightforward style that gets sources to trust her. She can write quickly yet accurately on deadline, breaking down complicated topics into crisp and clean copy. Debbie also can manage her time and tasks to produce longer pieces, which feature in-depth reporting and top-notch writing. On top of all that, Debbie is a pleasure to work with: she is a savvy team player who is witty and willing to pull her own weight—or more—to get the job done.”

-Sharon Waters, former Home News Tribune (Gannett) Editor

“If you are in search of an excellent copywriter, I highly recommend Debbie Blumberg! She is creative, focused and deadline-driven.”

-Lauren Hill, President and Founder of Medical Inflatables

“[Debbie’s] editorial skills have taught me the meaning of ‘How else can we say this?’”

-Shelley Cohen, nurse educator, author, consultant and co-author of Surviving the Nursing Shortage

“Debbie was a dream to work with on this book.”

-Dennis Sherrod, professor at Winston-Salem State University and co-author of Surviving the Nursing Shortage