Alumni Publications

I’ve written feature stories, profiles, books reviews and essays for university and corporate alumni publications, both print and online. Recent stories have included a feature on Houston’s evolving Rice Village shopping district and an interview with New York Times bestselling author Jeff Abbott.


Crafting Suspense
Jeff Abbott '85 is the New York Times-bestselling author of “Blame," which was recently published by Grand Central Publishing.
Rice Magazine

Weathering the storm
Ophera Davis, lecturer in Africana Studies, hopes her study on how college-educated, professional black women from Mississippi fared during Katrina will help women during future disasters.
Wellesley Magazine

Water Rising
Endnote, Winter 2018.
Wellesley Magazine

Detoxing Leadership  
"We’re in an era of toxic leadership," says Claremont business professor and author Jean Lipman-Blumen.
Wellesley Magazine

Defending immigrants, Susan Lineberger Roses '00
"Working with detained clients is very high stress," says the Boston-based immigration attorney who represents refugees and asylum seekers. "The stakes are so high."
Wellesley Magazine

Korea Watch
Wellesley Professor of Political Science Katharine Moon has no delusions that sanctions with North Korea will actually work. "We’re stuck," she says.
Wellesley Magazine

Water, Women, and the Economy
As a Ph.D. student at Yale, Pinar Keskin, associate professor of economics, was studying gender dynamics in households. What really caught her attention were the hours upon hours rural women spent collecting water.
Wellesley Magazine

The Battles That Make a Difference
When Dr. Vivian Pinn, then 19 and a Wellesley premed sophomore, buried her 46-year-old mother, she pledged she would help women’s voices be heard in medicine. It’s a mission she’s delivered on, and more.
Wellesley Magazine

On The Bookshelf: Fall 2017
Rice Magazine

Patently Wellesley
Katie Hall ’84 spent decades working for some of the country’s top research labs, and holds 98 patents, with more pending. 
Wellesley Magazine