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I have managed and written articles for a Fortune 500 company’s weekly online newsletter sent to more than 50,000 employees across the world. I coordinated global writers, edited copy and designed and helped distribute the newsletter each week. I work regularly with clients in financial services on content for their website and blog. My articles have appeared regularly in The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.


Is steep yield curve signaling pain to come?
Anomaly Suggests, to Some, Investors' Fear of a Possible Downgrade for U.S. Credit Ratings; Moody's Disagrees.
The Wall Street Journal

How to play the big easing 
Investors should consider buying TIPS in an environment where inflation will be stoked and the dollar will weaken.

Alumnus Guides Children to Olympic Glory
Biotech expert Chris Shibutani's passion for new challenges drove his career and fueled his children's ice dancing dreams.
JPMorgan Chase

How Three Parents Handle Allowances for Their Kids
Depending on your own childhood experience, current financial situation and what your kid already knows about money, broaching the topic of allowances can be a very complicated thing.
Marcus By Goldman Sachs

What HP’s newest campus says about the future of work
The new building promotes community, collaboration and innovation, with sustainability built in.
Hewlett Packard’s The Garage

Pitching it forward
42 startup teams hit it out of the park at the 19th annual Rice Business Plan Competition.
Rice Business

Dial Tone
Culture affects the way managers communicate in conference calls.
Rice Business Wisdom

From the Desk of: Congressional Candidate Julie Oliver
The only woman from Austin running for the U.S. House of Representatives shares her tips for how to best engage with politics.
Austin Woman

Start Your Business
An Air Force veteran lifts off with a 3D printing business.

Sculptures on Wheels
Austin entrepreneur Nao Tomii creates custom road, mountain, and city bikes by hand for adults and children. 
AAA Texas Journey

Blockchain Ads Are Finally Ready for Primetime TV
Thanks to IBM you're as likely to see a blockchain commercial during the news or a sporting program as you are ads for cars and cold medicines.

Start Your Business
Meet the CEO who turned a makeup hobby into a multimillion dollar business.

Leather Goods Are Her Bag
Cheryl Schulke runs her company, Stash, in a century-old former Haynes Mattress Factory in Sealy.
AAA Texas Journey

"Like Summertime in Texas"
You know summer’s coming when local farmers roll up to the Lick Honest Ice Creams kitchen in Northwest Austin to drop off bunches of cilantro and boxes of Rio Grande Valley limes.
AAA Texas Journey

Cryptocurrency Faces Winding Road in the Muslim World
Blockchain platform Stellar’s recent Shariah certification was an important, if small, step toward the Islamic world’s embrace of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

From Government Policy to Forest Walks
Tom Block spent his days working inside offices in Washington D.C. and New York City, examining government policies for J.P. Morgan. Now, he spends the bulk of his days outside, walking around a 15,000 acre forest.
JPMorgan Chase

Helping teenage girls find their writing 'voices'
Girls Write Now, a New York volunteer organization, meshes youth mentoring with creative writing. 
The Christian Science Monitor

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Skewers Crypto Prices
Prices of major cryptocurrencies sink as bitcoin cash splits in two.

Out of the Fire
Texas blacksmith Todd Elrod forges everything from chimeneas for bar and restaurant patios to knives and Western spurs. And he often adds images from the local landscape.
AAA Texas Journey

As CEO of Solid, Ilan Ganot Searches for Cure to Son’s Disease
When Ilan Ganot learned his son Eytani had Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a degenerative muscular disease, he did what any parent would do: he grieved, he got angry. But then, he took action.
JPMorgan Chase

Crafting Suspense
Jeff Abbott '85 is the New York Times-bestselling author of “Blame," which was recently published by Grand Central Publishing. 
Rice Magazine

Alumni Story: A 37-year Career in Asia Pacific Continues
After 19 years at J.P. Morgan earlier in his career, Cezar "Bong" Consing now leads the oldest bank in Southeast Asia.
JPMorgan Chase

How You Can Become a More Digital Grandparent
The 'Virtual Grandma' author gives advice on grandparenting in the age of screens.
PBS Next Avenue

Detoxing Leadership  
"We’re in an era of toxic leadership," says Claremont business professor and author Jean Lipman-Blumen.
Wellesley Magazine

Because chemo is scary enough without wigging out
After her own cancer treatment, Nancy Riviere started Wig Out, a non-profit dedicated to getting free wigs to women who want one.
Folks - A Pillpack Magazine

After nearly 40 years, Houston health care leader hangs up his stethoscope
Dr. Spencer Berthelsen championed an accountable care model of health at Houston's Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, which serves nearly 400,000 patients at 20 clinics.
The Houston Business Journal

Trump climate policy fires up power plant war
By rolling back President Obama's Clean Power Plan, Trump paved the way for a period of sharp competition among power plant operators.

Tell your story like a Fortune 500 Company
Keller Williams associate Julie Hopkins of Park City, Utah knows the power of a sound and consistent marketing plan, and it starts with writing your story.
OutFront magazine / Keller Williams

IPOs: Why Big Data Cloudera's IPO may fall short
The company's growth rate might not be able to justify the $4.1 billion value stamped on Cloudera when Intel Corp. invested in it several years ago.

Poole: Fed bond buying won’t help
Former St. Louis Fed President William Poole says more bond buying from the Fed won’t help the U.S. economy.
The Wall Street Journal

After 'I Do,' can this wedding dress be saved? 
The Cranky Consumer tests out wedding dress preservation companies.
The Wall Street Journal

Playing the recovery card amid economic gloom 
“There are unbelievable opportunities for people who know how to do their homework,” says ING’s Jim Kauffmann.
Dow Jones Newswires

Spend with purpose 
Smart spending helped Keller Williams’ Maria Avellaneda hit $64.6 million in closed volume through June 2016.
OutFront Magazine

Study big on weight watchers
A new report could mean more Americans are willing to work for weight loss.

Rescuing animals suits him to a T  
T-shirt maker uses profits from business to care for creatures abandoned on his East Village doorstep.

John Diffey '66 - a leader and contributor  
Diffey grew one of the country’s largest non-profit development retirements communities from $30 million to nearly $300 million in annual revenue.
Kinkaid Magazine

Shared memories 
Fond recollections surround Gertz Department Store in downtown Jamaica in downtown Jamaica.
The TimesLedger

The last Jews of El Barrio
Bernard Lifschultz and Sol Kukawka are among the last of the European Jews who once worked in Spanish Harlem.
The Jewish Week

Shop cats catch more customers than mice  
Snacking on oyster crackers and listening to rock music are all part of a day’s work for a select group of workers in the Big Apple—Manhattan’s “working cats.”
The Villager

The new allure of TIPS  
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities gain favor as Mideast strife stokes inflation fears.

Consumer prices soar, but TIPS still not a buy  
Financial advisers say individual investors should resist the urge to jump into Treasury inflation-protected securities.
Dow Jones Newswires

Upstart battling for bodega bucks  
Move over Goya black beans and mango juice. A new line of Latino products has hit Big Apple bodegas.

Let them eat [bundt] cake
Rebecca Castellanos’ cakes aren’t bitter, but they’re mad, says the owner of MadCakes bakery in Austin, TX.


Dana Consulting
I have edited Dana’s web content.

Rafte Productions
I wrote the copy for Rafte Productions' website.


An EV road trip
The open road, a new playlist, gas station snacks. With a little planning and prep work, your EV road trip will be a success. 

Just for Kicks
Thomas Nauls talks about downtown Houston’s renaissance, the first show he fell in love with, and author Malcolm Gladwell.
Local Sun

Kickin' Off Texas' Kombucha Craze
Kickin’ Kombucha founder and Houston native Robert Lopez has big ambitions for his homegrown beverage company, but they don’t include being everywhere.
Local Sun

Top 5 tips for a successful EV test-drive
A test-drive is a fun and easy way to get acquainted with EVs and can help solidify your decision to buy. To get the most out of your experience, you’ll want to plan ahead. 

In Pat Greer’s Kitchen
Raw, vegan food maven Pat Greer talks about the fried, sugar-laden diet of her youth, and why she prefers raw foods. 
Local Sun

It’s the Bees That Bring Us Together
Shelley Rice, known around Houston as "the bee lady," has helped hundreds of Texans start their own hives. 
Local Sun

Why Buy Electric? Top Reasons to Buy EV
From costs savings to special rebates to perks, owning an EV offers plenty of benefits.

The Making of a Marchione
Musicians like Paul Simon, Mark Knopfler and Mark Whitfield have shelled out anywhere from $6,500 to up to $40,000 for the pure, smooth sound of a Marchione guitar.
Local Sun

When Sending Supplies Just Isn't Enough
When Hurricane Harvey hit, devastating communities across the Texas coast, Keller Williams pivoted and transformed its annual Mega Camp training event in Austin into Mega Relief.
Keller Williams

Choosing a new CMS? 5 features to consider
An efficient CMS with the right bells and whistles can help you build your brand, grow your business and stay consistent in messaging and style.

Dollars and Cents
You know how much an electric vehicle will cost you—including rebates—and you’ve heard you’ll save on gas and car repairs. But what will savings really look like over the course of a year? 

5 must-haves for REIT marketing websites
Poorly done REIT marketing websites can turn away even the most interested investors. Maybe it’s time to give your website a tuneup

Live Q&A best practices – Part 2
Hosting a live Q&A requires some initial legwork, including fine-tuning your technology and thinking through your goals. Video is hands down the best medium.

How a live company Q&A builds your brand, rapport
Live Q&A sessions are all the rage — but they’re not just for celebrities. Corporate communications leaders can capitalize on them, too.

How far can I drive?
A typical question from potential EV owners is “how far can I drive before I need to recharge?” The answer: well, it depends.

Your employee intranet: 5 telltale signs it's time for a new one
In a world where 70 percent of U.S. employees are not engaged at work, it’s crucial to use every tool at your disposal to build engagement.

Why buy a Level 2 charger?
Most EV owners find they want a faster charge and upgrade to a Level 2 charging unit soon after bringing home their electric vehicle. Here’s why.

How to use recruitment videos to engage top talent
With such short time to sell yourself to a potential employee, you need to find creative ways to get their attention.

Dana Consulting
I help to produce Dana’s blogs.


Markets Hub: Renewed Housing Concerns
I appeared as an expert commentator in a Wall Street Journal video.

Markets Hub: U.S. Stocks Fall As Merck Leads Decline
I appeared as an expert commentator in a Wall Street Journal video.


I write and edit promotional emails and web copy for ECOS Paints.