Green Initiatives

I enjoy writing about the people and companies that are working to make our world a healthier and more sustainable place. I currently write a blog on like-minded businesses for a local solar energy company, and I’ve written extensively about electric vehicles.


From Freeways to Greenways
A massive public-private investment in green spaces has begun to transform the country’s fourth largest city into a place tied together instead by its bayous, parks, and greenways.
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A Brighter Future With Food
Brighter Bites gives low income families across Texas – and the country – 20-25 pounds of fresh, free produce a week donated from local food banks, and it’s changing the way children are eating.
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It's the Bees That Bring Us Together
Shelley Rice, known around Houston as "the bee lady," has helped hundreds of Texans start their own hives.
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How far can I drive?
A typical question from potential EV owners is “how far can I drive before I need to recharge?” The answer: well, it depends.

Kickin' Off Texas' Kombucha Craze
Kickin’ Kombucha founder and Houston native Robert Lopez has big ambitions for his homegrown beverage company, but they don’t include being everywhere..
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Why Buy Electric? Top Reasons to Buy EV
From costs savings to special rebates to perks, owning an EV offers plenty of benefits.

An EV Road Trip
With a little planning and prep work, your EV road trip will be a success. 

Is An EV Right For Me?
Thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle? Here are the top lifestyle questions to consider to see if an EV is the right fit.