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My previous role as a writer and editor for a healthcare publishing company prepared me well to help healthcare clients with their content needs. Recently, I helped a corporate meditation company launch a newsletter, the New York YMCA produce an employee newsletter and marketing materials, and a Texas-based company that sells and rents larger-than-life inflatable organs with its web content. I’ve also blogged on infertility. I have a particular interest in functional and integrative medicine and nutrition.


New York YMCA
I write a newsletter for Y employees.

Journey Meditation Newsletter
Journey Meditation Founder and CEO Stephen Sokoler called my newsletter copy “the first piece I've seen that really nails the Journey tone—upbeat, positive, friendly.” 

I have also written and edited newsletters for nurse managers and pharmacy benefit managers.


Medical Inflatables
I’ve written and edited web content for the Houston-based company, which rents and sells larger-than-life inflatable organs to hospitals and other healthcare clients.


Lullabies for Lexi
When Lexi Vernon was born, she couldn't hear the songs her mother sang her. Now, along with the power of music, her story is helping fight hearing impairment across the country.
Folks - A Pillpack Magazine

How To Design A Room To Heal In
Lynn Goode began thinking differently about interior design after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
Folks - A Pillpack Magazine

In Pat Greer’s Kitchen
Raw, vegan food maven Pat Greer talks about the fried, sugar-laden diet of her youth, and why she prefers raw foods. 
Local Sun

Because chemo is scary enough without wigging out
After her own cancer treatment, Nancy Riviere started Wig Out, a non-profit dedicated to getting free wigs to women who want one.
Folks - A Pillpack Magazine

It’s the Bees That Bring Us Together
Shelley Rice, known around Houston as "the bee lady," has helped hundreds of Texans start their own hives. 
Local Sun

Kickin' Off Texas' Kombucha Craze
Kickin’ Kombucha founder and Houston native Robert Lopez has big ambitions for his homegrown beverage company, but they don’t include being everywhere.
Local Sun

After nearly 40 years, Houston health care leader hangs up his stethoscope
Dr. Spencer Berthelsen championed an accountable care model of health at Houston's Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, which serves nearly 400,00 patients at 20 clinics.
The Houston Business Journal

Study big on weight watchers
A new report could mean more Americans are willing to work for weight loss.


How do our bodies interpret time?
Why do I constantly feel like there’s not enough time? Is there anything I can do about it? Aoife McLoughlin, a psychology lecturer at James Cook University’s Singapore campus, suggests we recalibrate our internal clock periodically.

The intricate, sensitive connection between the mind and the gut
“When you’re stressed, your gut is a different gut,” says Emeran Mayer, a gastroenterologist, neuroscientist, and UCLA professor who studies how the digestive system and nervous system interact in health and disease.

The MEGA Heart wows audiences during American Heart Health month
Rachael Ray says she would be "way better at science" if she could have toured the MEGA Heart in elementary school.
Medical Inflatables

Male Infertility – his state of mind matters
Many men faced with an infertility diagnosis feel disbelief, and even shame, emotions more and more research shows may be just as intense as their female partners’, contrary to popular belief. 


Medical Inflatables
I’ve written and edited brochures, manuals, e-blasts, event posters and signs and marketing postcards for the Houston-based company, which rents and sells larger-than-life inflatable organs to hospitals and other healthcare clients.

New York YMCA
I’ve written and edited promotional material for the Greater New York YMCA, including brochures, information sheets and camp program guides distributed to 27,000 New York families.


Surviving the Nursing Shortage
A practical guide for how to enhance recruitment and retention as the U.S. creeps closer to running out of nurses.