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As a reporter for Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, I wrote about the housing and mortgage markets in the height of the 2007-2008 credit crisis. I come from a family of property owners and understand the intricacies of the market; I have the expertise to tell your story. I work with global real estate companies, individual agents and associated professionals, such as real estate attorneys, bookkeepers and CPAs, on their content. I can revamp your website, help you launch a newsletter, and write blogs, copy for brochures, property descriptions and client bios.


Puerto Rico Se Llevanta
Puerto Rico Rise Up.
OutFront magazine

No Mountain Too High
After 13 hours and 13 minutes of non-stop vertical climbing, a year of grueling training, and one failed attempt, KW MAPS coach Abraham Shreve heaved himself over the top of El Capitan.
OutFront magazine

When Opportunity Calls...Say Yes
The Dar Walden Team has consistently ranked in the top 1 percent of real estate professionals in the United States. Here's how they've done it.
OutFront magazine

It’s Time to Take Command
Keller Williams has been hard at work, developing technology that will streamline how agents do business and help them compete in today’s digital world.
OutFront magazine

Spend with Purpose
Smart spending helped Keller Williams’ Maria Avellaneda hit $64.6 million in closed volume through June 2016.
OutFront magazine

Home-Mortgage Rates’ Next Stop: Below 5%
Fed’s buying plan helps the market; latest survey puts the average on 30-year loan at 5.10%.
The Wall Street Journal

Tell your story like a Fortune 500 Company
Keller Williams associate Julie Hopkins of Park City, Utah knows the power of a sound and consistent marketing plan, and it starts with writing your story.
OutFront magazine 

Apartment adventures
A dispatch on apartment living from freelance writer Deborah Lynn Blumberg.

How I got my apartment / Stacey Whitaker
A regular column on how New Yorkers found the apartment of their dreams.

Telling true tall tales at museum’s new home
New York’s Skyscraper Museum is one of the only museums in the world to focus specifically on architecture.
Downtown Express


Transform Your Business with the 100 Listings Challenge
Listings are the bread and butter of every real estate agent’s business, especially in a competitive market.
Keller Williams

The Fed Doesn’t Dictate Mortgage Rates
Mortgage rates have dropped since late last year, and that’s good news for consumers. Lower rates mean consumers pay less over the life of their home loan.
Keller Williams

We Are Innovating With Our Agents – Josh Team at Inman Connect
Over the last few years, Keller Williams has transformed itself into a technology company and is quickly innovating to build a preferred platform for its agents and consumers. 
Keller Williams

Five Tips to Becoming the Go-To Neighborhood Expert
An agent with insider knowledge into a neighborhood is a plus for buyers and sellers looking for someone they trust to guide them through the home buying or selling process.
Keller Williams

Meet Kelle, Your Virtual Personal Assistant
What if you could spend less time buried in technology but reap even more benefits from it? Meet Kelle.
Keller Williams

A KW Couple Shatters Their Personal Cap Through Failing Forward
Alex and Victoria Headen of Burlington, N.C. ultimately found success after restructuring their business.
Keller Williams

These Keller Williams Agents Are Redefining the Future of Real Estate
The Brian Gubernick Team and Five Doors Network have one thing in common: their business has ballooned. 
Keller Williams

Price A Home To Sell
Agents must be part mathematician, psychologist and artist to price a home to sell.  
Keller Williams

Sourcing Sellers
Generating leads is your business’ bread and butter.
Keller Williams